Real Cancer Options

I’ve been enjoying the posts at “CA cure” on the WordPress site. Yet, I’ve been finding very few people–including physicians–who are knowledgeable about the cancer Metabolic Model. Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg did the breakthrough work nearly a century ago, and recent elaboration of his work has yielded some extremely important findings, as well as possible modalities consistent with those findings.

This is especially important as we’ve come to see that Orthodox Treatment (in the Oncology discipline) is more or less WORTHLESS, and typically translates to a very noxious–even life-threatening–impact on the patient. We already knew that orthodox treatment did not necessarily extend life expectancy, and could be a “very rough road to hoe.”

I’d be happy to share some articles and books on this subject.


(BTW, why is there no provision for leaving my comment on the “CA cure” page?!!)


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